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full boar v-tube chambered muffler

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Or even...(dead link)

Any experiences with this brand?

Any experiences with this brand?

Pretty interesting. But this is a chambered muffler which is probably not the best for a turbo breathing dragon.

Yeah.. The second link was for their straight thru design and more what I was looking at... What do u think about that one?

It's worth a try for the staight thru design. I used Mandrel Bending Solutions for my mandrel bends and I know they're pretty popular to the turbo DIY builders.

Yeah... I think I'll give it a go and see how she sounds...

I plan on replacing all of my charge piping from them actually.

I will be pulling the trigger on:

(dead link)

In the next week or 2 and having my exhaust completely redone, so... I will report back to how she sounds/works! :D

Old bump... but... i switched back to NA and went with a full boar straight thru muffler dual in dual out 2.5" and it sounds pretty badass :D