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Moab 2007 May 19-20 Chat Thread

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Well, i'm here on the hotel computer @ 5 bucks an hour:rolleyes:
Just had great dinner at the Brewery with offroader_69_me, Brian and his parents and Gerald came in about when we were finished.
I ran with the Msupertek group and you alreay heard about his carnage:thumbdwn: My trucks wheelbase seems to like the terrain out here well, except for the hairpin turns. I took a stab at one of the hot tubs, not the hardest one but the next hardest and walked right up. Jefe tried before me and succumbed to the strap.
Offroader_69_me tried the escalator again but managed to duplicate his avatar again...out came the strap:thumbdwn:
Rick, real sorry you couldn't make it out, that makes 2 trip in row that I havn't got to wheel with you. Last trip I saw you was when you spun your diff. Get well soon:salute:
If this computer had a card reader I could post some pics, most of them are of scenery more than wheeling so far anyways.

Woo Hoo!! Jefe is working on the other computer to get pictures uploaded!!

(Yes, we have TWO computers - both on the internet!)

Here are the pics that John took today:
They are still uploading, be patient. Also, there will be no full resolution pics till I get to a real internet connection. All these were uploaded from my Cingular EDGE card.

Some of 'em:
Hells Revenge:

with Johns 'artsy' pic :p:

Msupertek and a broken rear driveshaft:

The remaining Hells Revenge Crew at the Outlook:

410fortue on Hells Gate:

DB1 in the Hot Tub:

Sounds awesome Dave! Did, Marshall bust a window again too? :)

Hey John, great shots. So, no live web cam from Moab like last year?? :p:
I see little man is in the usual position: Back seat playing games.

Great pic!

Us easterners can only sit on the edge of our seats and drool at the nice rocks you have.

Wish I was there..:( .Looks fun guys:thumbsup:

:( i'm jelous

Great pics guys! Keep'em coming:chug:

Still feeling crappy, I've been up since 4am:(

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