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The Good, The Bad, & the Pugly :D

1994 Purple Explorer XLT 4wd

I decided to have a registry for my "Other" rig so I can post things done and have a reference for it.

Pretty much stock drive train.

4.0 OHV-A4ld-1354e.
D35 front 4:56 Yukon gears, Aussie Locker.
2nd gen disc 8.8 rear 4:56 gears, Spartan Locker.

Front C-Clip eliminator Mod.

Slight lift with 2" Skyjacker coils & rear F-150 hybrid leaf packs.

3" PA body lift
Helpful thread with pics for the front body mounts
Pics of front body lift mounts

Swapped to manual hubs.
Double U-joint XJ steering shaft.

33" x 12.5" x 15" Cooper Discoverer ATX3, mounted on 15"x10" AR Outlaw1 alum wheels - full size matching spare.

Front Rancho 9000xl
Rear Rancho 9000xl
Duff Stabilizer shock.

Sway bar quick disconnects front & rear.
Custom tube sliders w/kickouts

22" LED light bar.
18w amber fog Led pods.
55w rock lights--2 front--1 rear over diff.
8 LED pods for rocker lights.

Full brush guard.
2.5" Fender Flares.

TTB Diff guard & Skid plate.

Custom roof rack with 48" Extreme Hi-Lift jack.

Flipped Tow hitch & front hooks for tow points.

Cobra19 CB & rear hatch mounted firestick antenna.
Rear view HD camera.
JVC DVD/CD/MP3 Head unit with 7" HD Monitor.
Sony 6.5" front speakers.
Rockford Fosgate 5.25" component rear speakers.
8" JL Audio sub in 2001 enclosure with 500w amp mounted on enclosure.

Custom made center console with CB/Rear view color monitor/2-12v outlets/ in-out temp display. D cell Maglite mounted on cargo panel. Truck bed liner on cargo floor.
Custom Cargo storage box with topside spare tire mount.

'99 Eddie Bauer Front Leather buckets.
'94 Limited Rear leather split bench.










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Thanks guys!
The silicone tape fix is working real well right now. Kurt and I scoured a couple salvage yards looking for a replacement seal. These yards had everything BUT a first gen Explorer.
We looked at rangers of all years, Bronco II's, and probably every year of a 2nd gen. None of them have the sleeve seal stock. We can only surmise that only the 91-94 Explorers used them. We found a 95 4.0 OHV, and it didn't have it.

Don, if you have the 1st gen sleeve in good condition, I would gladly pay you for it, if you would part with it. That would be awesome.

Brian, I had electrical tape on the other end as that seal went south last year. lol

Jon, Thank you for the suggestion sir! Thing is the intake tube end is much bigger OD then the TB intake OD, and the intake tube just fits length wise over the intake tube as is. The silicone tape is holding with the clamp tight for now.

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How difficult would it be to build an intake tube? If ya can't get factory, make it more better
If I can't find a replacement sleeve, that would be the next option. I dislike cold air intake kits, and prefer stock over anything, but if push comes to shove, so be it.
Pugly might be getting retired soon anyways. I need a lower milage work truck, and have been looking at F-250's. The next person can deal with it. LOL

I would use a 96-2000 ranger air box and intake tube

I had my floor Matt mash the throttle down in my old 96; I went right through a red light! The brakes in my old 96 were powerless at the time to stop her, I had the e303 cam and. It enough vacuum at the old booster to stop me. I was able to get across the road and turn the ignition off pulled over safely.. it could have been so much worse.
Couple of years ago I was hauling a load of red bricks with my big truck (97 f350) and the trailer brakes went out… on a mountain pass going downhill. I was barely able to shut her off and stop at a pullout. Front brakes were on fire! I was able to put the brake pads out with my breath like
Blowing out a birthday candle I got lucky. Next step would have been the extinguisher for sure. I needed a rotor and new pads, new fuse for the trailer brakes…these fords are tough!! Now if we can stop them from trying to kill us!!

I will look at those air boxes and see if they will fit similar to the 1st gen setup. Batteries and fluid tanks are opposite last I checked. So I know there has to be some difference in how they mount up, sit.

Thanks Jamie.

No wobble at all, and new rotors seemed to take the abuse. Thank goodness as those aren't cheap.

I moved my battery and fluid tanks I wanted to get fresh air for the air filter
In 88 the airbox was on top of pass tire?? Much better behind pass headlight

Now my battery is in the back left lots of room under hood

I have a 99 intake tube and air box, it is in the passenger front corner. The coil over and mounts needed to be space where the OEM box resided. The only potential issue with this is the intake tube rests on the upper radiator hose flange and is slightly compressed by the hood. The 99 radiator has the upper hose flange lower. I ended up installing a all aluminum radiator so it really doesn't matter is there is a little pressure on that hose flange.

I navigated 1to this thread because I'm almost done with the PS swap and wanted to compare notes.

If you get the intake and box at a junk yard, get the box mounting plate and all the rubber mounts. You line up the box and drill 2 holes in the inner fender so the rubber mounts fit snugly. You can mount the plate under the box to your inner fender. I didn't bother because there is very little movement without it. The front of the box is mostly open because the 99 had a intake snout that goes there. I didn't bother with that because I had to modify the box to keep the pre-heater due to California SMOG, so there is a fairly large intake on the bottom too. I plugged the vacuum lines going to the pre-heater so it's always open because it's a unnecessary part, but again California. If I register my rig in Arizona, I will take all that out and probably go with a generic cone type filter. The 94 throttle body bolts right up to the 99 parts.

Hardest part is relocating the battery and getting the old battery box out. They did a very good job attaching the box to the inner fender.

Ahh, dang. I was thinking the air box was where the 1st gens are. I'm not going to relocate the battery. Too much work. Lol
I Could have sworn I seen a 2nd gen with a flat filter box that might work in the same location. Might be a different model, or maybe a sohc setup?

Don't know about that. It is a lot of work to relocate the battery if unnecessary. Mines a flat filter box, but its square with a deep box, nothing like the 91-94 boxes. I already had a auxiliary battery on the driver side, but it was still a pain extending the power wiring from the starter solenoid. The ground wire mounts the same way. There is a threaded hole in the driver side frame and on the engine block, same location as the passenger side.

Auxiliary battery is now where the spare tire was, with my air compressor and tank.

Yeah, if this was the play rig, I would be up to all that, but it's not. It's just a once in a while trail rig, and get thru any bad winter weather work rig.

I have so much work to do on the other rig still. Over worked and bad weather has kept me from it, and $$ already spent on parts collecting dust is depressing to look at.

I was thinking of that hose today, my 93 engine is under my shelving along a wall in my garage. I have to step around my big mower to get to it, but I shouldn't have trouble taking the hose off when I get there.

Done, PM sent.

Pugly got the Flowmaster Jesus Muffler, replaced with a stock muffler.

Between this and the new steering pump, all I can hear is the severe duty fan when it engages. It's so quiet, that the starter is in jeopardy from me, not knowing when to release it.

The skinny pedal can now be mashed without waking the neighborhood. 🤣

I just ordered the saginaw conversion parts. Thanks for the writeup.

I have been storing a set of 6 barely used Cooper Discover AT3 for awhile in the garage, and they just need a good home. They can't live here anymore. They owe me rent money!
4 have less than 5k on them, and one has a 10mm plug patch between the 21/32 tread pattern.
1 was the spare, but has a few hundred miles on it from a weeks worth of use.
1 is brand new, never mounted still has stickers on it. I bought this as a replacement for the tire with a patch.

If your in the Central Midwest (MO), and can pick them up, Do some research, & make me an offer via DM. They look as good as they do in these pics.

33" x 12.5" x 15"

New Coopers at Sams.jpg

Coopers on pugly 1.jpg

New Coopers on pugly  2.jpg

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