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What did you do to your Explorer this weekend?

Well on thursday (which was "my weekend" since i had that day off) I built a traction bar for it (which doubles as a driveshaft rock guard) and then i moved the shackles to the fronts of the springs in front. and a few other details. then i looked at it for a while. drove it over some dirt piles and realized i need to cut the fenders more. pics below

shackles in their new location

and my redneck trac bar

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You're going to love those BFG's over the RTS's. The RTS was the worst tire I've ever had on any vehicle, ever. No dry traction, wet traction, snow traction...rode hard,handled squirly...

Every time I look at my Explorer I am happy with my purchase. The BFGs don't only look awesome, but I like the way they handle. I can't wait for it to snow. I can't wait to get them off the pavement.

wheeled up around Estes Park. I then built a stealth box in the back where the storage area used to be and hid the amp under the pass. side rear seat.