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Cleghorn August 24 2008

Looks like my dad and i will be there, not sure whether it'll be both the mountaineer and jeep, or just one of the two.

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So if anyone that shows up tomorrow didn't mention to my dad that i'm trying to sell my explorer, that would be grrreat! Thanks. See ya manana.

O ya, and how long is the trail? Will we be eating lunch on the trail?

Welp, i'm gonna presume this isn't happening, haven't heard anything in a few days, and Boomer hasn't even posted anywhere since the 13th, so we're going exploring somewhere else. Maybe this'll be better planned next time. :rolleyes:

I am sorry but i was all set to go. But had a family emergency come up last night and so i have to stay close to house today. :(

Well we took the 2 from La Canada/Flintridge up into the Angeles Nat'l Forest, the rincon trail and mt. wilson trails were closed, which were the ones i was hoping to do today. So we drove the mountain roads a little more, turned off onto Upper Big Tujunga Cyn. Rd. and found a couple decent trails for the mountaineer.





Poser pictures, i know. :( At one point i was coming down a rutted hill with the right rear up in the air, then the left rear up in the air, and there was also a little puddle crossing which was cool, but we didnt get pictures.

Well it looks like u had a better day than me :( But anyways there always next time.

P.S. Did R.J. and Justin join you or are they waiting for next weekend?

They're waiting for next weekend, so it was just us alone today. I know we shouldn't have gone alone, in fact at one point we were a little nervous the trail wouldn't lead us back to the road and we would not have been able to back track with only 2wd. Sorry to hear about your bad day though.

So why you guys were up having fun, I was moving in to my new place just a few more offramps above the 2:D

Sounds like you didn't have such a bad day either Steve, congrats!