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Donate to Save Dannyboy's life...cage time

...Here is a place you can post your find and give us an update..;)

...Back to the topic per Dannyboy...:salute:

..(quoted from Dannyboy)..back on topic, I DROVE THE EXPLORER TO WORK TODAY!!!!!!!

everyone who works in my office were really impressed with it. I know I got a few looks from other cars too.

The alternator isn't chargning and I'm trying to figure out why, 410 tipped me off and I've got a 911 thread going too.

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Word. So danny when are you gonna go dial in the rear?

teaser pic, got the holes cut last night(major Pita, found a 2 1/16" hole saw and used a 4 1/2" instead of 4 5/8" for the big dogs. I'm going to put one hellova writeup together for installing autometer gauges since I couldn't find one anywhere. The funny thing is I google auto meter Ford and Explorerforum is always one of the top sites returned on google.

You can also see the radio and the black box below is the 4x4 button. Wouldn't you know I forgot the cable for my good camera so I can't upload the pics while I'm "homeing from work"


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something seems funny about seeing a stereo in that dash, seems out of place hahahah

Looks awesome man! Glad to see you are going through a lot of the issues that I will need to encounter soon enough. :D

One thing I was thinking about was the heater ducting. I ripped my stock dash out and took all of the ducting with it, now there is just a square hole where the air would be coming out into ducting. Is yours like that too? I guess a little "plenum" just needs to be fabbed up with some outlets for round ducting to the outlets huh?

yup, I haven't had any time to look into vents if I use them. I might just leave it as is, have one large hole for some heat in the cabin if I want it. All those fancy vents all over are for city folk.

You can part out your ductwork off your factory dash if you haven't tossed it yet as well.

Make sure you check out my thread in the tech section on wiring gauges too.

The cage and dash setup looks sick!! I'm jealous. Nice work!

My dash/ducting is long gone haha. My plan is to do a legit system for my heater when the time comes tho...I'm moving up to WA in a few days and its gonna be pretty darn chilly up there!! I'm sure I will cover it in my rebuild thread sometime in the next year or two;) Keep up the good work and let's see some action pics!! Oh and some new front suspension:D

Oh and I dont know if you are keeping your AC stuff, but I took all mine off and grabbed a non-A/C blower from the junkyard off some ranger. I never used my AC anyways. I imagine you'll want to keep yours where you live but just throwing out there for the other readers.

dude, my autofab Dana35 kit is legit, I know it's still a kit, but they feel it's worth $3600, I get plenty of travel and the truck runs great at any speed. I have not broken parts yet and have beat it pretty hard.

I would so go Autofab d44 kit if I had that kinda $$$ to throw around. AutoFab is proven time and time again

Sweet dash...I think everyone needs a stereo in their trail rig :thumbsup:

I have thought of putting marine speakers in mine...

Dan, any detail pics of the finished product??

I know we we're talking about doing something for vents awhile back;)

F-150 Vents