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Completed Project Stic-o's 2nd gen. radius arm/coil SAS

Use this prefix for completed projects that are not "How to" articles or threads asking for help.
Well it's Finaly Time to Start this thread.

In April of 2006 I will be doing a Solid Axle Swap on my '99 Explorer XL. Through the entire prosess I will be takink pics and updateing when there is is new info. I've pretty much always known I was going to do a SAS in my truck all along. For this reason, I have never but a dime into my front axle. I just never saw the point if I was going to rip it out.

The Plan

I plan to run a High Pinion Dana 44 full width in the front. I will be using Early Bronco Coils, posiablly 5.5" lift coils. I am still unsure of what I will be using for Radius arms, as we are still in the works. I would like to do a 3 link in the front but I don't think it's possiable with the cast wedges. I will be running 5.13 gears and plan to use anywhere from a 35" tire to a 37" tire, depending what I find. In the rear, I will be going to a 86-96 full width 8.8 off a Bronco/F-150. This will give me the ability to keep my speedometer, as well as reuseing my current locker, BTF Cover, and Disc Brakes. This will also give me a 5x5.5 pattern, and width almost dead on with the front. I would also like to move the rear leaf springs to the outside of the frame with the FW 8.8 to get rid of the spring hangers under the back doors that we all get caught on.

There alot of things still unsure, and I will figure it out as I go. Unfortally only small things will be done, until late March. Lack of funds will keep me from doing much until then. The axle will be set to go in the truck in April sometime though. Now let get to the goods. Pictures :D

The Meat

A side dish of parts


I can't wait for dessert :p

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The pump end is the same fitting but you need to bend the hose alot if I remember correctly. The rack end of the SOHC (99) ex is very different. I used the 99 hose and had a 91 ex hose grafted to it for the box end...
Cost all of $25 at a good parts store up here...
Works awsome no noise no leaks no worries...
Cheers Randy...

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i know its really off topic but how did you get your grill like that? I have a 00 xlt and the center section of the grill has all those white cross pieces all over the place. Did you have to order a totally new piece or did you remove them somehow? or did it come like that when you got it?

there is a write up I did on it somewhere on here for it. Try searching for it;)

found it!! thanks man!! looks wayyy better than factory. great write up.

BTW- SAS looks sick!! :thumbsup:

Well got some stuff done this weekend. Got both axles prepped and ready for gears :thumbsup: However we had a slight problem, with the carrier :rolleyes: and lost it in the process(see below). This means we have to wait for the carrier out of my truck, when it comes out next weekend. It dosn't really change much though. It will take us all of next weekend to remove the body lift, and rip out all of the front and rear end.

and now for some picures :D

it was christmas in my dad's garage this weekend, look at all the stuff the man in the brown truck left me :D

Try'n to get a idea of how stuff will line up. looks like the end will be about even with the T-case

Carrier issues :rolleyes:

the bolt that holds the pin in broke (like your suprised). we were able to get a welding rod to stick to the broken off peice inside, but by then we managed to get a chunk of weld in the threads and could not turn it out enough. We then went to the BFH method :( even after blowing the bolt out through the side of the carrier, we still had a really tuff time getting the pin out of the carrier. As you can see we never did get it all the way out.

Anyone want a paper weight? :rolleyes:

Wheels we mounted last weekend.

One thing I really love about these wheels is that the stem is protected. ;)

dude, where did you get those wheels and tires? they look sick!

Thanks I hope this helps me I'm going to do a 99 XLT with a V8 for the mud

Just wanted to pop this back up. 10th anniversary of the swap this year :eek:

Everything still works :thumbsup:


Nice! Got my 97' v8 going under the knife real soon as I'm done building the axles.have all the parts.just no it's going slow.doing an early bronco dana 20 case.5:13's and eventually 37's.

Duplicate photos have been fixed.