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Tim's '93 Sport

1993 Ford Explorer Sport


VW 1.9l BEW TDI, stage 4 Malone tune, Garret VNT17 Turbo
TD Conversions trans adapter
M5OD from 1998 Explorer (Replaced original A4LD)
Stock Borg Warner 1354E

Front Suspension
Dana 35 TTB 3.73
Warn 37780 Dana 35 hubs
James Duff 3” long arm lift
Progressive coils
Dual shocks
BrianBuilt Fab diff guard
James Duff steering stabilizer
1993 Chevy K1500 brake lines

Rear Suspension
Ford 8.8 3.73 limited slip
Alcan Spring 3” lift leaf springs
1970’s Jeep J10 brake line

Wheel and Tires
Cragar Soft 8 16x7, 4in backspace with second gen center caps
285/75R16 Goodyear Duratracs

3D printed ash tray switch panel
Autometer A-Pillar gauge pod with Autometer boost and EGT gauges
Pioneer headunit
Pioneer 4 way speakers
Pioneer 10in sub hidden in place of factory storage pocket in trunk
Pioneer amp

Custom swing out tire carrier using stock rear bumper
Clear cut headlights with better bulbs
BrianBuilt Fab cowl light brackets with KC Rally 400 spots
KC 26 series amber fogs mounted behind front grille
Five foot FireStik for CB
91-92 Sport fender trim
First gen Expedition tow hooks

Other Modifications
1994 Jeep ZJ steering shaft
Custom auxiliary/upfitter circuits
A/C delete

Future Modifications
4.56 gears with lockers
Atlas II
Built in sliders (rocker panels are rusty)
Hidden winch behind factory front bumper
Limit straps and bump stops
Skid plates
1-2 more inches of lift






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I hear you!! Trying to balance cost, vs. Time vs. Practicality vs. Desire vs. Reality vs. Risk...........goes on and on. When that cheap radius arm bushing failed I swapped them both out with moog. I still have the set that was didn't split, but we're now living in Georgetown and it's in our storage down in thornton. I may be going by that storage on Thursday, I can grab it while I'm there and if we can figure out a way to get it to you it's yours. Might get you by for now at least.

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Well.....that's another story, LOL. I read the best way to do it is to grind off the rivets on the brackets, replace the bushing, and use bolts instead of the rivets to remount the bracket. I read somewhere of a way to not grind them off and I ended up being successful at it, but I honestly don't remember exactly what all it took to do it that way. I DO know that if I had to do it again, I would grind the rivets. Sounds like that would be easiest for you, since you'll not be needing the brackets with your long arm kit anyway. Grind em off now or later, either way it's gonna happen right?

I'll grab what I have in storage on thursday and shoot you a pic or something. Then if its something you want we'll figure out a way to get it to you.

Okay. That makes sense. I'll have to do some research on the best way to do it. But yes, regardless of what happens the full lift kit will happen! It's been something I've been wanting to do for quite a while. Besides everything seems to be lining up. I have the funds for it and all my other major projects that I wanted/needed to get done are done. So the lift will happen sometime in the near future.

Perfect. Thanks for your help!

Anytime man. My advice is jump on a lift as soon as you can. Don't hesitate or you'll end up like me over the years and never get it lifted!! If you got the cash for it, do it and don't look back!!

Bull Park and Mount Rosa today

My buddies love playing in the mud, I don't...

So, I have basically everything to do the lift besides leaf springs. Ordered a custom set from Alcan Spring out in Grand Junction. Leaf packs should be here a couple days before I start on the lift. I have work and school off the week of Thanksgiving so I figured this was the best time to do the lift.

I'll be able to the use the lift off road maybe once because I'm having the cartilage in my right knee reconstructed right before Christmas. The surgery will prevent me from driving for at least five months and wheeling for at least eight months. So the Ex is going to do a whole lot of sitting coming up here.

HOLY COW!! ARE THOSE WASHOUTS ON THE ROAD TO MT. ROSA??? I did the write up on Mt. Rosa for trailsoffroad last year and they were NOTHING like that!! I might even have a pic or two on my write up of them last year.

Can't wait to see the rest!! Not sure of I mentioned it or not, but we're moving to the Springs for the winter. I have to swap out my tcase in the next couple days, but maybe we can sneak in a run up Mt. Rosa or something before your surgery?

Sweet! Yah my buddies and I were going to try to get a snow run in before my surgery. It'd be cool if you joined. Though I do need to finish breaking in the new suspension and extend the rear brake line before I take it off road. But yah we could definitely run something. Mt. Rosa is a possibility, but I refuse to go up Old Stage Road anymore. It's to steep and rough going up. I'd rather make the drive to Victor to hit that area, then come down Old Stage.

Pictures in a couple hours!!

Bravo!!! Looks great!! Man what a difference 2 more inches makes!! I only put about 1" on our 94 with 31's so far but yours is quite noticeably taller. Well done Tim, I like it.

And you mentioned driving over to victor for some trails, here's a write up I did on the bank. It's right at the end of shelf road, which I also wrote up, on the South end if you've never done it. There's also an out and back right next to it that I still need to finish the write up on. I'm naming it the ATM, but its FS5820. Not much to it, but makes a nice little addition to running the loop at the Bank.

The Bank

Shelf Road

Thinking about running Phantom Canyon and writing that up since I could run shelf rd, the bank, the atm, and phantom canyon all in one day for updates once or twice a year.

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Both of those sound like really good trails. Not overly hard, which would be really good for a shakedown type of run. Definitely would like to run something that is easy to medium difficulty before my surgery. Rear brake line should be in beginning of next week, then I would be good to go.