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Truck Haven Fall 2017 - Memorial Run

@tdavis I just want to be sure you see this before heading out there:(

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Thanksgiving works for me.

Life isn't cooperating too well right now.

Instead of me going in for eye surgery on Thursday, Char just checked herself into the hospital this afternoon with acute renal failure. She just learned about it yesterday and was going to put off going to the hospital until after my surgery.

Today I went for my pre-op appointment and I brought Char's chart from the kidney doctor. I told my eye surgeon that my wife postponed going into the hospital because of my surgery, and I wanted him to look at her chart to determine who needed treatment first. As soon as he looked at her numbers he asked if she was on dialysis. I replied no, he said get her to the hospital asap, this is life threatening, your eye surgery can wait another week...

"It's always something - if it ain't one thing it's another."
-Roseanne Roseannadanna

This week it Friday yet?o_O

sorry to hear Rick. sending you and Char some good vibes.

Well, Char is out of the hospital, she got out the same night she went in. They ran blood tests and they all came back negative. No idea why the previous blood tests were so bad. She needs to get in with her kidney doctor to find out what's happening.

That means my surgery is back on for today. We are leaving in about 30 minutes... I'll let you all know how it went as soon as I can.

Great to hear she's doing better. All the best!

Success... at least as far as making it through the surgery ;) I have three appointments this month to check on the progress of the operation. Hopefully the pressure will be down to where the doc wants it.

Glad to hear it might have just been some bad test results. Hope all goes well on your end too!

Great news Rick:thumbsup:

@tdavis I just want to be sure you see this before heading out there:(

yea, I saw this, life is been really hectic the past few weeks.

We have been talking about going down during Christmas week, but we are not sure yet.

glad to hear everyone is safe and sound, I've been praying lately, my wife also just came home from a two week stay, I wish I had my pictures for my build thread, I'm really close and would love to finally claim my seat in the sas world, lol..
I'll try to add some eye candy

Just an FYI. My recovery is going well. My vision is almost completely back to normal, but I still can't focus on anything for too long without a great deal of discomfort. I drove to my parents place in Phoenix which is just an hour from here, the drive home a couple hours later was almost unbearable. It seems to be the eye muscles which are strained, but it could be from the difference in strength between the two eyes which is partly caused by the steroidal eye drop I have to take for another two weeks. They say I will most likely need a new lens prescription for my right eye once the healing is complete. Two more visits with the eye doc to go...

What part of CHILL and do nothing did you not get?? No lifting and No straining of the eyes! You only get one pair of eyes pay attention!!!!

Not sorry but rant over!

This went from a memorial run to a ***** at Rick thread. What are friends for??

Yes. We don't want a memorial for Rick's eyes! Take it easy Rick and recover :dpchug:

I feel your pain brother!
Before our RZR 900s was stolen I had a branch get flung like a spring, or catapult, from the roll cage into my eye, and we were cruising along at around 50..
ER trip, nothing in it, referral to eye doc, about 15 drop prescriptions..
We were working as AAA roadside techs, so every morning 6am, sunrise to 9pm, 6 day shifts.. if we didn't need the paychecks I was advised to stay in a dark area.. I regret it!! It still bothers me if I dream of it and remember how it hurt, then I'll notice how it's working at a different level than the other..
How do us serious explorers send flowers?
8mm, 10mm sockets, inner and outer door handles, brown wires, relays with cut blades, tranny filter & gasket?!
Definitely get well soon, and we hope to get to meet you in person with our rig in the near future ;)

(Edited for "pic or it didn't happen")

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Well now that I've read this entire thread....

Rick, I hope all goes well for your eyes and your wifes health. Prayin for ya.
As to the Meet, I was just mentioning to my wife today that there is "an annual meet out west called "truckhaven" that i'd love to go to". I read this and realized that the place is called truckhaven not the meet, but you get the jist. Would love to head out there if its been rescheduled to Nov. Sandi and I may be able to make it. We could hook up the camper and boondock it. Has it been rescheduled? If so.. when?