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Return from Truckhaven Jan. 08



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Yea i like that first pic myself that was a long way up! even tho i am partial to the second one :p:

Trip still just wasn't as good as it could have been without some original Exploration people out there; Rick, Char, Paul and Tom Rios.

The part that got me was pulling into camp and there only being one RV and one camper. Reminded me of the first few runs I went on when everyone was tenting it. There was a much larger low rent district this year out there. I still need to buy a new tent after the wind we had out there in October, my tent got pretty much finished off.

Yea thankfully Brain was there with his RV and flags flying. used it once over the weekend to find my way back to camp.

Yeah the rv flags did all even me to see where camp was.

Im going ahead and uploading the video of the fire and others to youtube tomm.

im still excited about this trip. it was so good! i guess being young, i like to drive more than i like to sit at the campfire (don't get me wrong, i love the campfire) but i think i was driving 70% of the time i was there. between two wash runs, a night wash run getting lost adventure, an all day saturday run, and a half day sunday run. awesome

and i can't beleive how great all the guys are on this forum and on the trip. seriously the people make the trip. i could go offroad all day and night and do the same stuff wothout everyone from here, but it would be a lot less fun and enjoyable. the respect, knowledge, humor, welcoming personalities, and everything else that this group has just makes it such a great time wheelin. it sometimes seems odd that im 18 and think of all the older explorerforum people as my friends. but i much rather pefer this group over any other. my age kids would probably be prerunner party drunks doing stupid stuff. and thats one of the reasons i love crawling, cause most of you know that i like prerunner stuff to and i would probably be into the go fast stuff more if i didn't find such an awesome group of crawlers.

i could start thanking people form the trip, but i would probably have to name everyone that was there, and i don't even remember everyones name haha. but all the classic guys, always great to hear your knowledge and stories (tom, brian, matt, dave, dave, colin etc.) and the guys that i always remember and look forward to on runs (cybergasm, tbars, boomer, dave, mounty, there's to many to think of!) and everyone that i met for the frst time, was awesome to meet you guys. jobun that was the greatest wash run i think i've been on. and i love your "lets do more" attitude. jason we never did our air out jumping contest!

bambikiller, where are you?

i can't wait for the next run, and i hope mounty finds a sweet truck to join in on the driving :thumbsup:

i give this run five thumbs up, and ten super smileys :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Looks like Show made it up CJ hill:thumbsup: Any luck at the waterfall?

I cruised up CJ Hill as Bkennedy said. However at Waterfall, I believe the left one (the impossible? one) was a no go. I wanted to try a line more to the right but DWD talked me out of it. The easier Waterfall (the right one?) I cruised right up.

As always a good time. I would love to get out there in Feb. with whoever mentioned it (can't remember who said it & to lazy at the moment to look), but my tow rig is going into the body shop this Friday to get fixed from my intimate encounter with a Jersey barrier on I80 the other week. Don't know how long it will take to get fixed or total amount of damages done. Hopefully I should know by sometime next week.

And exploderpilot; not sure what I said either but I am sorry and would still like to come out and look at some of your 7.3s.

I don't think you were implicated in the scandal. But yeah man, I started cleaning out the garage today to make room for the SSR, and I came across lots of assorted powerstroke junk. Send me a pm with your digits and I'll try to hook you up.

...i hear you r.j....our saturday run lasted until i broke and the jeep cut a tire and we made it back not to long before the other group...that left enough time to get her fixed, eat a mighty fine dinner, and head out for the night run...which by the time we got back to camp was about 1 a.m. sunday morning and you guys were still out playing in the wash's with the fishies...:D

...DB1, i missed checking out your new front end and i really wanted to check out your tires too...i know your wheels are awesome and your truck walked over stuff mine struggles with...:thumbsup:

...dave alvaro, i look forward to many more trips with you...;)

...i think the diversity of the group and the vehicles, safety and recovery being high on everyones list, and just enough boy in all of us to try what we haven't tried yet which makes this group so fun...

Oh Dannyboy, after talking it over with my wife, we decided to adopt you. :D

This is fantastic news, Dad, I'm really wanting to do more on my build, so I was wondering if you can kick down a few more bucks, and for all the lost time we didn't spend together growing up, you can make it up to me by letting me crash in the motorhome on future runs, especially Moab.

Thanks all I have is a Polaroid Izone 300 point&shoot camera.

And a good eye! Those are very impressive pics!

...i am waiting to see more pics and videos...:popcorn:

...i know a bunch were taken on the night run and i know some one got a video of tom's zuk falling in love with that big ol' rock...:p:

Thanks all I have is a Polaroid Izone 300 point&shoot camera.

Wait, you mean i can't get those quality pics with a disposable? :p:

It was about me going off and doing my own thing, and just basic trash talking. I don't think my brother has a reason to lie to me, and you and I don't really know each other, so it's no huge loss either way right?

Jason, I can't imagine any of these guys saying anything that (like they said) wasn't in jest. This crew is a pretty stand up bunch of guys. I hope whatever happened doesn't keep you from hanging out with the group. Comic relief is always good. :p: I myself like to do the crawling and fast stuff, I just didn't do any fast stuff this time.

I'm still waiting for the pictures and video from Matt. Once I get it, I'll post them up.

i like the first pic in post #101

something about how the two cars are scattered and shows the crazyness of the truckhaven terrain

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