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Mounty71's 4x4 Long Travel Build

My pride and joy, the Mounty:





It's a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer. I acquired this fine vehicle in 2003 with just 32,410 miles on the ticker, and it was in pristine condition, having been driven by an elderly couple, and always serviced regularly at the same dealership it was delivered to from the factory.

This thing has gone through a series of different suspension setups, but currently it has:
Solo Motorsports 4" extended D35 TTB with D44 outers, and custom radius arms
2.5x12" King coilovers with 2.5x12" secondary King reservoir shocks
4WD conversion with BW4406 manual transfer case
2.5x18" rear King shocks outboard of the frame
custom ordered Deaver leaf springs with 12" 2AM Fab shackles
Full-width 8.8 rear with stock disc brakes, Blue Torch Fab diff cover/truss
4.56 gears front and rear, lunchbox front locker, limited slip rear
roll cage through dash and firewall to engine cage

(previous front suspension setup)
Long Travel front end 5" wider per side with 2.5x8" Sway Away coilovers, Dixon Bros. shock hoops
2.0x2" King bumpstops
Full heim steering
3" Procomp lift spindles
homemade lower rear A-arm crossbrace, lower A-arm mount weld-washers, upper A-arm gussets
8" limit straps
removed swaybar

MAC performance muffler with turn down tip
MAC performance intake

front bumper with removable light bar, with 4 Hella 4000 55w HID conversions
custom rear receiver and swing out spare tire carrier w/ gas can
clear corners
McNeil fiberglass fenders
removed running boards
5.0 emblems
color-matched grill surround with mesh grill
clear LED light in rear bumper

ABS defeat switch
Icom race radio
recovered center console in black
fog lamp-hi beam mod
added tie-downs in cargo area
rear hatch interior handle
4x4 Ranger front towhooks
driveshaft "loop"

3-link rear suspenion
add 2.5 or 3.0x18" King bypass shocks to the rear
switch front smooth body shocks for 2.5 or 3.0x12" King bypasses
rear fiberglass







Newly lifted on 31 BFG M/Ts:


After its first offroading:


Almost stock:



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Awesome, love what you've done!

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Just throwing up a couple of photo sequences from a photographer out at the poker run:







Not much of an update, but finally made the license plate mount. Ordered a pair of these custom straps from Strapworks, affordable and look like pretty good quality.



Apparently 1/4" thick axle tubes are still not thick enough. I noticed a few months ago that I had gear oil leaking out of my axle above the leaf perch in between the u-bolts, and I had this big gouge in the axle tube from when I cut off the stock Bronco perches to install this axle last year, so I thought that's where it was leaking from. I finally decided to fix it last night and I realized that's not where the leak was. You can see the really fine crack below the gouge.


The crack was a lot bigger than I expected. To fix it I drilled holes at the ends (4 because the crack split into an X shape), plug welded the holes, ground it flush, then plated over it with an 1/8" thick square with a hole in the center. I welded it really hot so hopefully that will keep it from spreading any more.



Updating my light setup, from 2 Kragen HIDs to 4 Hella 4000s which will get converted to HID. Whipped up this removable light bar for them tonight.




Made a little addition today and replaced my race radio antenna mag-mount with a permanent one in the roof. Got this blingy cap for the majority of time when the antenna isn't up.



Went to Pismo for a quick trip this weekend, and this was the first time ever my friend and I had our trucks out running together after his multi-year build. Lasted all of 15 minutes before he broke the u-joint flange on his driveshaft (2nd one of the day).

Anyway, a couple pics and videos:






He's had the truck out a couple of times before, this was the 2nd and 3rd ones he's broken. We realized there's so much axle wrap in the Deavers with the LS1, it's just going to keep happening so he is going to 4-link it now to control pinion angle.

Ready for New Year's in Johnson Valley!



Great shots! :thumbsup:

I caught up to Mounty71 to grab this shot..:burnout:

It's been a while but great seeing you again Matt and glad to hear your Dad still has the Jeep..We need to get him out and about..:D


Let the fun begin...

Some people who have been paying attention may have figured it out, but in the next 7-8 months I hope to have D35/D44 hybrid TTB under the front of this thing. My friend and I robbed a junkyard Explorer of the front frame rails and crossmember yesterday. Need to figure out whether I want to graft this crossmember onto my frame, or just use it as a jig to build a custom one.

Went on one last trip this weekend with my current front end. From the city of San Francisco to snow in Tahoe to the desert in Reno, we covered a lot of terrain. Unfortunately a vacuum leak resulted in no heater when we needed it the most, being stopped at a chain check through Donner Pass for 3 hours. Snuck through the chain check and inched our way through a white-out down the hill safely, and had an otherwise problem free weekend. Wish I could say the same for some of the Raptors in our group.

Anyway, been continuing to gather parts, have almost everything except for a few bigger ticket purchases still. Also have a guy pretty much confirmed to buy my current front end once it's off my truck. I have a little less than 5 months until our Rubicon trip and have a ton of work ahead, including another head gasket repair. Gonna be a busy summer.




...That looks like a Great trip full of adventure :)

Got some work done on the beams today. Used my friend's mill to drill out the stock bushing pivots and tacked in the uniball cups.

The beams had been repaired a couple of times by the previous owner when a couple of cracks formed in the top of the passenger beam, so I ground down the welds and then made an overlay plate on top to add a little more strength.


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Started on rock sliders today and I'm really happy with how they're coming out. 1.75" x .120" DOM tubing, and I'm using the frame plate kit from Chassis Unlimited that will have 4 frame attachments. I will be plating in the top with a dimple died sheet, and the ends still need to be trimmed down and capped too.


Also got a new DD last week, pretty fun car to drive so far.